odborná společnost pro specialisty, zabývající se rehabilitací ruky

Česká společnost terapie ruky ČLS JEP

Czech Society for Hand Therapy

Scandinavian Hand Society Congress

21.02.2019 19:20

Kdy: 22.-23.8.2019


website: sssh2019.ee

Ke stažení: pozvánka

Info: Dear Czech colleagues and friends, I`m happy to invite you to the next Scandinavian Hand Society Congress in August 2019, in Tallinn, Estonia. As usually, therapist will have parallel sessions with surgeons. Two 2 topic days, with lecture type (0,5-1,5 hours) presentations will take place on 22. and 23. of August.

22.08.2019 – on a pain day we will have three sessions with topics:

  • Central Sensitisation,
  • Dark Side of Plasticity
  • Retraining the Brain.

23.08.2019 – is wrist and around day. From already announced lecturers, professors Marc Garcia-Elias (ESP) and David Warwick (UK) are also making presentation for therapist. Themes for the day are:

  • Biomechanics and neuromuscular control,
  • Therapy in midcarpla instability,
  • ECU tendinitis,
  • TFCC,
  • SL-liggament,
  • I CMC post op.

24.08.2019 – combined sessions will take place.

Soon we will announce our other super lectures.

Pss! First therapist are already registered – please join too!
Looking forward to see you in Tallinn!

Liis Lamson
on the behalf of the Hand Therapy Committee 27th SSSH Congress