odborná společnost pro specialisty, zabývající se rehabilitací ruky

Česká společnost terapie ruky ČLS JEP

Czech Society for Hand Therapy


29.03.2019 10:00

Kdy: 29.-30.3.2019

Kde: Centro Congressi Stelline, Milan - Italy

Info: Dear Colleagues, we are therapists from Milan’s pediatric hand therapist group, directed by chief Professor Giorgio Pajardi. We provide therapy for children with upper limb congenital malformations and trauma, aiming for the best functional and cosmetic outcomes. We aim to keep up to date with rehabilitative innovations in manual therapy, splinting and new rehabilitation techniques.

As we consider it to be very important to understand the direction of rehabilitation internationally, we take part in international congresses like the European Congress in Paris in 2017 and the World Congress in Hong Kong last March. During the Hong Kong congress two of us had the pleasure of meeting some colleagues from the USA and Australia, and shared the idea of an international meeting, a chance to compare our different ways of treating paediatric hand patients and to share experiences.

We would like to invite you to join us in this meeting and to be ready to share your experiences and ideas; together we can do better!

Click and see our video presentation! IMRPH2019

The Hand Therapist Group of Milano, meeting organization

Silvia Minoia, Francesca Tolosa, Elena Marta Mancon, Rossella Pagliaro

website: https://www.lachirurgiadellamano.it/it/eventi

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